All material from Milton Public Library is checked out for two weeks.  If no one is waiting for the item, it can be renewed up to two times.  Individuals can renew their material in person, on the phone, or by logging in to their account at  When renewing online, your login is the complete number on your library card, and your password is your last name, all lowercase.

Item Limitations
Patrons are limited to five DVDs at one time.  Teacher cards are limited to three items from one subject area at a time.  There are no limits on other material.

Late Materials
Milton Public Library does not charge fines or late fees, but this model only functions well when people return their material in a reasonable time period.  Individuals with materials more than four weeks overdue will receive a bill for the total value of all checked out material.  At six weeks, items will be considered lost and Home Card status will be revoked.  Home Card status can be reinstated after the return of all materials, pending a meeting with and permission from the director.

The library accepts cash and check payment for lost items. We do not accept credit cards.  Check should be made payable to Milton Public Library.  If the lost item is later found, we cannot issue a credit.

In some cases the patron may be able to find a replacement copy costing less than the amount owed to the library.  If the copy is in excellent condition and receives approval from the library director or assistant director, the replacement copy may be accepted in lieu of payment.

Last update October 30, 2017. sl