Looking for a place to meet?

Milton Public Library’s meeting room is available to nonprofit organizations during library hours, when it is not scheduled for library or town meetings.  Call us at 802-893-4644 to check on available dates, and to request a meeting room reservation form.  The form can be emailed to you.


  1. Complete this meeting room reservation form in person or over the telephone with a library staff member.
  2. The library schedules the meeting room on a first come, per event basis. Meetings may not be scheduled all at once on a repeating basis. Each meeting must be scheduled individually.
  3. Meetings and events must occur during regular library hours, unless a library staff member is present for the entire event. If a library staff member is present for the entire event, and the library director approved the request, the meeting may occur outside normal hours.
  4. Meetings and events which are scheduled in the library’s meeting room are done so with the express understanding that if a need arises for library or town use of the room, these will take priority. In the event of a conflict, library staff will notify the contact person who scheduled the meeting/event as soon as possible.
  5. Cancellations should be made to a library staff member at 802-893-4644, as soon as possible. Failure to provide cancellation notice may jeopardize the applicant and group’s future use of the meeting room.
  6. The person reserving the room will also be responsible for signing the form, and ensuring the group adheres to all requirements and responsibilities listed herein.

It is the responsibility of the authorized person signing this application to read and understand this form.  Failure to adhere to the rules and responsibilities, or if damage occurs to the building, facilities, equipment, etc., could result in denial of future meeting room, facility, or equipment use.

  1. The capacity of the meeting room may not exceed 85 adults/youth.
  2. A responsible adult over 21 years old must be present at the event at all times.
  3. When using the meeting room, consideration of others is necessary as it relates to noise and traffic.
  4. The meeting room may not be sublet to any other group or person (s), or used for any other purpose than stated herein.
  5. Illegal activities of any kind are prohibited.
  6. Except as may be permitted during hunter safety or other town/library approved coursework or events, weapons of any kind (firearms, knives, etc.) are prohibited in the town and library facilities.
  7. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited in the library.
  8. All trash and food must be removed by the user, or at their expense.
  9. The room – including tables, chairs, floors, and equipment — must be thoroughly cleaned.
  10. The room should be restored to its original set up.
  11. Carpeting, tables, chairs, walls, lights, windows, and equipment should be left in as good or better condition as they were upon the group’s arrival.
  12. Windows and doors should be closed and locked at the end of the event/meeting.
  13. Any damage should be reported to library staff immediately.
  14. It is expressly understood that Milton Public Library and the Town of Milton will be held harmless from/against claims, lawsuits, actions, liability for any property damage, and liability for any injury or death of any person.
  15. By signing the application, financial responsibility for any and all damages to library and town facilities and equipment is hereby accepted by the signor.


Last update October 27, 2017.