1. An adult must be present with and supervise children age 10 and under at all times.

  2. Respect the library and its grounds:
    a. Food and beverages are NOT allowed at the computers.
    b. Keep the library and town office sidewalks and entrances clear for people to enter.
    c. Bikes, roller blades, and skateboards may not be used in the library.
    d. Shoes and shirts are required.
    e. Treat library materials, computers, and furnishings with care.
    f. Keep the library clean.

  3. Respect other’s right to privacy, to study, and to read quietly:
    a. Allow others to read in peace.
    b. Use quiet voices during conversations and while on a cell phone in the library. Cell phone users who are disturbing others or having a lengthy phone conversation will be asked to use the cell phone in one of the hallways.
    c. Ear buds or headphones are required for listening to audio.
    d. Treat others with respect and courtesy.
    e. Walking, no running, in the library.

  4. The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is prohibited.

  5. No soliciting.

Nonviolent Violators

  1. Library management reserves the right to expel anyone whose behavior is disruptive, inappropriate for the library environment, or interferes with the use of the library by other patrons.
  2. Staff dealing with non-violent violators may choose, per Town Manager Don Turner’s instructions, to call the police non-emergency number of 802-893-2424 to request assistance.
  3. After one warning, staff may choose to require the offender to leave the library for the day. Repeat offenders may be trespassed from the library, at the director’s discretion. Milton Police Department trespass orders are indefinite. Someone wanting to have the trespass order ended would contact the director for a meeting.

Violence in the Library

Library staff are committed to providing a safe environment for employees and patrons. Violent behavior or language by staff or patrons is not tolerated. Staff faced with these situations may call 9-1-1 immediately.
This list of behaviors, while not comprehensive, provides examples of conduct that is prohibited:

  1. Causing physical injury to one’s self or another person.
  2. Making threatening remarks about or disrespectful gestures to anyone, whether or not they are present.
  3. Aggressive or hostile behavior that creates a reasonable fear of injury to another person, or subjects another individual to emotional distress.
  4. Intentionally damaging another’s property (including the library’s).
  5. Committing acts motivated by, or related to, sexual harassment or domestic violence.

Approved by the Milton Public Library Board of Trustees on August 14, 2018.