The library has 18 STEM kits for loan. The STEM kits are available to Milton residents, Homecard patrons, and patrons who have a nonresident card. Borrower’s accounts must be in good standing.

When you check out a STEM kit, you will receive a carrying case, a list of contents, books, and items relating to the STEM kit. The loan period is two weeks. It may be extended for another two weeks, if it’s not on hold for another patron. Patrons can check out one STEM kit at a time. Call the library to ask about renewal.

They are:

  • All About Magnets (ages 4+)
  • Building (ages 4-8)
  • Electronics, Coding, & Bots (ages 8+)
  • Engineering Gears & Mazes (ages 9+)
  • Estimation & Patterns (ages 9+)
  • Everyday Science (ages 8+)
  • Examine Science & Nature (ages 8+)
  • Explore Circuits (ages 9+)
  • Food & Nutrition (ages 3+)
  • Green Energy (ages 9+)
  • Keva Planks (ages 9+)
  • Machines & Contraptions (ages 9+)
  • Math 1 & Math 2 (ages 4-8 same contents)
  • My Amazing Body (ages 9+)
  • Robotics & Coding (ages 4+)
  • The Shape of Things (ages 4+)
  • Stamps & Stencils (ages 4+)
  • Understanding Our Universe (ages 4+)

To borrow a STEM kit, place a hold online or call the library. Our phone number is 802-893-4644.



Thanks to the Friends of Milton Public Library and the Vermont Astronomical Society (VAS), Milton Public Library has a telescope for loan.

The Orion StarBlast telescope is available to Milton residents at least 18 years old who have had a library card for at least six months, and whose account is in good standing.

“Our goal is to help foster scientific literacy and to stimulate an interest in astronomy by providing this valuable asset for the library,” Vermont Astronomical Society President Jack St. Louis said. “It’s rewarding to enable people to experience the excitement that comes from discovery looking through a telescope.” VAS sells the telescope to the library, and then provides free ongoing maintenance and knowledge support.

“Purchasing this telescope exactly fits our mission of providing resources and programs that continue to make Milton Public Library a vital community resource,” said Library Friends President Shelly Hitchcox. “We’re thankful to all the people who support our fundraising efforts, which make this sort of opportunity possible.”

When you check out the Orion StarBlast Telescope, you will also receive a canvas bag containing an instruction manual, an Orion Star Target constellation and celestial object finder, the National Audubon Society Pocket Guide “Constellations”, and a red fanny pack containing both a lens cleaning brush and a head lamp.

The Library Board of Trustees approved the following telescope loan policy.

Loan Policy

  1. The telescope is available to Milton residents at least 18 years old who have had a library card for at least six months, and whose account is in good standing.
  2. The patron must present a photo ID with proof of current address, and complete the lending agreement form each time they check out the telescope.
  3. The loan period is seven days. It may be extended for an additional seven days, if it’s not on hold for another patron. Call the library to ask about renewal.
  4. The patron is not permitted to lend the telescope to anyone else. The telescope is the patron’s responsibility while it’s checked-out to their account.
  5. Patrons are required to treat the telescope with care, and carry it as demonstrated by a staff member. It is recommended that the telescope be secured in a vehicle with a seat belt.
  6. Children using the telescope must be supervised at all times.
  7. Patrons agree to store the telescope in a clean, dry, dust-free place, away from liquids and extreme temperatures. Take care not to drop it.
  8. Use the brush provided to clean the lens or eyepiece, if needed. Do not use chemicals, liquids, or cloths.
  9. Keep the dust caps on the telescope eyepiece and lens, when not in use. They are attached to the telescope with cord.
  10. Turn off the range finder when not in use, to conserve the batteries.
  11. All parts of the telescope and the materials loaned with it (as listed on the check-out inventory) must be returned with the telescope. The borrower will be charged for missing items.
  12. If the telescope is not returned within one week of its due date, the patron will be charged $400, and will loose the privilege to borrow it again.
  13. If the telescope is damaged, the patron will be charged the cost of repair, as determined by the library.
  14. Any situation not covered by this policy will be reviewed and acted upon by the Library Board of Trustees, in its sole discretion.

To borrow the telescope, come by or call the library. Our phone number is 802-893-4644.

The Vermont Astronomical Society is a group of amateur astronomers with varying backgrounds and levels of expertise whose mission is to promote amateur astronomy in Vermont.